HomeKit support will reach the Linksys tribe routers very soon

Linksys It is one of the most reputable companies in the network market, a company specialized in giving connectivity to devices thanks to routers among many other devices. Best of all, they have adapted to the market quite well and have managed to launch products according to market trends, which is why they have recently specialized in tri-band products. The new: Apple HomeKit support for the entire range of Linksys Velop triband routers …

A feature that will arrive very soon as the HomeKit News guys tell, and it is so soon that will arrive in the next few days as they say … The support it will arrive next to a firmware update of these tri-band routers, then we will have to open the Linksys app and it will be there where we see the invitation to add our Linksys Velop to the Home app of our iOS devices. Of course, all Velop nodes that we want to include will have to be tribe to be compatible with HomeKit, this includes the models A03, WHW0301, WHW0301B, WHW0302, WHW0302B, WHW0303, and WHW0303B.

The origin of this is in the presentation of support for routers in HomeKit by Apple along with the new iOS 13. HomeKit is responsible for controlling the firewall of all routers that we have in our home, when one is compromised HomeKit will isolate you so that others are safe. A great integration for high quality devices such as the Linksys Velop Triband (they have a price that starts at 149 euros depending on the nodes we have). An integration, the HomeKit, which seems to reach more routers, in fact, recently we also learned that the Wifi Mesh routers of the Eero brand, now under Amazon’s umbrella, will also receive this integration with HomeKit.

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