HolyHigh TWS, the earphones with case that recharges iPhones

The HolyHigh TWS earphones offer different functions thanks to a dynamic case that, among other things, hides a 5,000 mAh power bank from its entirety. For a few days there is an exclusive offer for our users.

HolyHigh TWS

There package it is very simple and minimal. White, with some info on the product, inside it contains the charging case, the USB cable, the manual, three pairs of grommets and the two earphones.

Let’s talk about this initially homes. The case not only charges the earphones wherever we are, but allows you to recharge an iPhone in two different ways: wireless and wired. Taking advantage of the 5,000 mAh battery, we just have to place an iPhone compatible with the wireless charging on the back of the case to start charging from 5W. Alternatively, or if we have an iPhone older than the iPhone 8, we can use it the Lightning cable to recharge the device. The charging case is equipped with a Type-C and USB port, suitable for all types of mobile phones and charging cables.

The case can simultaneously charge the earphones, a smartphone via wireless and a smartphone (or other device) via cable. Comfortable and functional.

On an aesthetic level, the case could certainly have been better but we are still faced with a very functional product. The transparent plastic flap is of dubious quality, but protects the earphones during transport.

The earphones offer an autonomy of about 5 hours, which go up to 200 total (40 recharges) thanks to the recharge through case (obviously, if we have not used the battery to recharge other devices).

HolyHigh TWS have one good ergonomics, which adapts to any type of ear thanks to the 3 pairs of interchangeable rubbers that we find in the package. The touch controller on the two earphones is also very comfortable, allowing you to manage some functions such as audio playback and answering calls.

L’appearance it is elegant and, finally, different from the many AirPods-like ones seen in these months. The earphones are black, with a shiny part near the touch control. The lacquering gives an effect in the style of black piano keys, for a really interesting result. Curved and wavy lines complete the aesthetic aspect of these earphones. Let’s also add thewaterproof IPX5 and the picture is complete: these earphones are in fact resistant to sweat and rain, with complete protection of all the components inside them.

The Bluetooth 5.0 chip allows you to have a stable and uninterrupted connection, while optimizing all consumption in terms of battery.

There sound quality it is very good, higher than expected compared to the price of these earphones. Good bass performance (don’t expect pumped bass, but the sound is always balanced), perfect midrange and treble management. The signal quality is also excellent. As for calls, nothing to report: they are of good quality, both incoming and outgoing. It should be noted that both earphones can be used individually for phone calls, as both are equipped with a microphone. The external insulation is also good, even if these earphones are free of noise cancellation.

It is therefore a good compromise between quality and price, considering that here we also have a real power bank included in the package.

HolyHigh TWS earphones are available at the price of € 52.99. Entering the code 7F8D4DG7 when ordering, you will have a 20% discount for a total of only € 42.39.

CAUTION: currently, these headsets are incompatible with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The company should release an update to allow the use of these devices.

  • Audio quality


  • Ergonomics


  • Battery


  • Design


  • Durability


  • Call quality


  • Compatibility


  • Price



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