“Hey Spotify”, the absurd voice assistant where Spotify works

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant… We are surrounded by virtual assistants and we have only mentioned some of the main ones. The efforts of companies to prioritize their own assistants make them integrate into the applications that develop them and make them increasingly heavy and slow in exchange for having a function that the vast majority of users do not find useful at all. A developer has found references to a virtual assistant “Hey Spotify” in the source code and this is definitely very bad news, What reception would this system have in the public?

At the risk that hundreds of people now feel true devotion to Alexa and Siri, the reality is that in my case I only use it to interact with my digital home, that is, at home: Play music, turn on and off lights, television or air conditioning… However, the discovery of Jane Manchun Wong, and is that Apparently the Spotify code includes a kind of “Hey Spotify” that will help us navigate through the application, yes, exclusively when it is running, something that in itself will hamper its execution in iOS without a doubt.

I do not question the facilities and optimization that this may entail at the level of accessibility, where any improvement is small, we will simply expect Spotify to allow us to deactivate this option if it finally decides to integrate it. In addition, we must not forget that Spotify is fully compatible with Siri, is properly integrated and also Siri works even with the phone off … what is the meaning of a “Hey Spotify” with the application running? We want to assume that this functionality will be more focused on the application for infotainment equipment included in cars, where we can execute actions without taking our eyes off the road.

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