Here is the new Forum! – iPhone Italy

Today is an important day! With great satisfaction, we present the new one IPhoneItalia Forum, the community, which since 2007 has helped hundreds of thousands of people free of charge in solving iPhone and other problems. Renovated from top to bottom, with many new features!

The old forum

The old Forum – our many loyal users who used it (with difficulty, sigh!) On a daily basis – would know it well – had a lot of problems.

The software that we used previously, over time has become more difficult to manage and has accumulated a series of defects that made it almost impossible to use, even for the end user.

Moving a forum of our size from one platform to another is a complicated and laborious process, but in light of the last, very bad, updates of the old software, we had no other choice: to destroy and rebuild.

The new forum

It was not easy, but after several months of tests, unsuccessful attempts, research and testing we finally managed to import our huge database (over 150 thousand topics and 1.2 million posts) in a new platform, much more modern, fast, technologically advanced and easy to use.

We chose, after a careful selection, Discourse, a software open source by the enormous potential that has been adopted in recent years by thousands of companies, including big names in gaming and tech, in addition to thousands of community more or less large all over the world.

We chose it because it guarantees auser experience really excellent, come on any device, as well as an orderly and functional content organization, thanks to the very clean interface. We hope you like it!

Historical user?

If you were already registered in our previous Forum, you can simply use your existing account generating a new password that you will receive via email.

New user?

If you’ve ever signed up instead, we are waiting for you in the largest Italian community of iPhone users and beyond. You will find a section for every possible question or problem, and thousands of fans ready to help you!

You can access the new forum from this link!

Let us know below in the comments, or even directly on the Forum, what you think of it. Criticisms, suggestions, ideas are always welcome!


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