Google’s new Pixel Buds go up for preorder

Way back in October, Google announced their first true wireless earbuds, the 2nd-gen Pixel Buds. The announcement included a number of cool features, colors, and no release date. Now, the first preorders are apparently available to adventurous buyers from a popular third-party retailer.

As 9to5Google spotted, B&H Photo recently listed the new Pixel Buds on their site in the Clearly White variant. As expected, the pricing is at $179 for the earbuds and their matching charging case, which charges via USB-C or wireless charging. 

The listing doesn’t have a photo yet, let alone any specific details about the product, but the earbuds are evidently very close to being ready. Just weeks ago, the Pixel Buds received Bluetooth certification, adding to the hype behind the new product.

Previously, Google revealed that the earbuds would be available in four colors, including black, white, orange, and mint green. Of course, Google also says they offer excellent sound and stellar range (up to 360 feet or more), though that remains to be seen.

The Pixel Buds also boast a unique spatial vent design that makes them more comfortable to wear and software smarts to compensate for outside noise (or not, depending on the setting). Like the entry-level AirPods, Google’s offering will also launch without active noise cancellation.

With the Pixel Buds so close to official release, we can expect Google to announce more details about features and availability.


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