Gmail for iOS now adds Siri Shortcuts

Google applications and services are very present within the iOS ecosystem for obvious reasons, and it has become one of the most relevant providers of all time in terms of software services. The times of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail seem to have been left behind and the undisputed leader is Gmail, Google’s email service. The Gmail application, despite not being a large email client, is present in the iOS terminals of many users and its updates are slow but constant. Now Gmail for iOS has added full support for Siri Shortcuts and this will probably make your life easier.

If you are one of those who still resist using multi-platform email management systems such as Spark or Outlook, that is, those who have the Gmail application installed on your iOS device, You will receive this news with joy. Google applications are usually the latest in adapting the novelties of the operating system of the Cupertino company, we imagine that the rivalry between both companies prevails over the possibility of offering a quality service to all users regardless of the platform used .

Gmail - Google's email (AppStore Link)

Gmail – Google’s email

Google LLC

Now with the support in Siri Shortcuts for Gmail you will be able to use this ability to send emails, and nothing more … The option to send an email through the voice dictation of Siri through the Shortcuts is the only capacity that Google has decided to include for Gmail In these terms, a real nonsense, but at least the most basic capacity has been included, which never hurts. We will be attentive to any possible new capacity that they add later.

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