Foxconn calls “the hero of SARS” for the coronavirus

To try to solve problems related to the coronavirus epidemic in China as soon as possible, Foxconn turned to his “SARS hero” for help.

Zhong Nanshan is known in China as “the hero of SARS“Because, 17 years ago, he was among the first to find the correct way to deal with that dangerous virus. Now, Foxconn wants to put its skills at the service of the company to try to find a solution to the coronavirus.

Given his experience in managing respiratory problems similar to those caused by the coronavirus, Nanshan has been appointed head of the investigation into the current epidemic by the Chinese National Health Commission. Now, too Foxconn hired him as a consultant to assist the company in this delicate moment.

Foxconn has reactivated part of the production in recent days, but at the moment the capacity is not sufficient to guarantee compliance with the orders presented by important customers such as Apple. Nanshan will provide all his experience and assistance to try to solve the problem as soon as possible, at least in the management of the employees who will have to return to the various plants in China.


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