Found on Android 11 developer preview: reverse wireless charging and a new Motion Sense feature

To use reverse wireless charging, you flip your phone screen side down and place a compatible device on the back. For example, Samsung Galaxy S10+ users can put the charging case from their wireless Bluetooth Galaxy Buds on the back of their phone to replenish the battery. This will also work to charge a compatible smartwatch and even a compatible smartphone. The power being transferred comes from the battery found inside the host phone.

A new feature is coming to the Project Soli powered Motion Sense hand gestures for the Pixel 4

With Google dropping the first Android 11 developer preview today, XDA discovered a hidden Google settings menu for reverse Qi-compatible wireless charging. Since no Google phone offers this feature right now, we can only assume that reverse wireless charging will be coming to the Pixel 5 series. Although it is way too early to know for sure, it appears to be called “Battery Share.” And as XDA pointed out, the activity name started with “” instead of “” That is usually seen on features that will be found only on Google’s Pixel phones and not meant for all Android devices. Strings of code for the Battery Share page say, “your phone’s battery will run out faster when using battery share. Battery share works with compatible earbuds, watches, phones, and more.”

With Google finally releasing a truly wireless pair of Bluetooth-powered Pixel Buds that are stored in a wireless charging case, reverse wireless charging for the Pixel line is an idea whose time has come. XDA also found a popup message that reads “can’t Battery share while charging wireless!” which makes sense. Another string of code also revealed that the Google device codenamed “redfin” will also be getting “Battery Share.” The “redfin” phone is an “upper mid-range handset” that will be powered by the Snapdragon 765 chipset. So that leaves us wondering whether Google would offer reverse wireless charging for a Pixel 4a XL. A plastic build won’t necessarily prevent the latter from offering the feature. The Pixel 4a line could be introduced during Google I/O which starts on May 11th.

Google is going to have to up its game if it wants the Pixel 5 to compete with Apple and Samsung. Last year, the early buzz had Samsung really stepping up to take its phones to the same tier currently populated by the iPhone and the Galaxy S handsets. And when Google revealed that the Pixel 4 line would employ the company’s radar-based Project Soli chip, it sounded as though the Pixel 4 series would be a contender. But as it turned out, the feature known as Motion Sense turned out to be extremely limited allowing users to wave off a phone call, dismiss an alarm, skip a song or video, and trigger Face Unlock when the user reaches for the device.

However, the first Android 11 developer preview shows a new “Pause” function for Motion Sense. According to 9to5 Google, this will be activated when the user hovers his hand over the display. And any media streaming over the device at that moment will be paused. Another new feature found in the developer preview shows a touchscreen sensitivity toggle. This appears to be designed for those who use a screen protector on their Pixel 4 device. It is possible that the “Pause” for Motion Sense and the touchscreen sensitivity toggle will roll out to Pixel users well before the Android 11 final version is dropped via a future Pixel Feature Drop.


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