First images of the new iOS 14 multitasking mode

iOS 14 multitasking

Next June, Apple will hold its usual World Conference for Developers 2020, WWDC 2020, a conference in which Apple will officially present many of the news that They will come hand in hand with the next versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. The leaks of the new functions do not usually occur until well into the year.

However, it seems that this year, leaks have begun to do their job and we have the first one. According to the video that Ben Geskin has obtained and that he has published in 91mobiles, iOS 14 multitasking mode will add new modes, that is, we will not only be able to visualize the applications next to each other, but also, we will be able to choose to display them just like on the iPad.

In the video that Ben Geskin, we can see an iPhone 11 Max that shows us a grid of the latest applications that we have opened when we access the multitasking mode, the same mode that the iPad currently shows us.

Geskin, who obviously has not revealed his source, has earned an excellent reputation in recent years in terms of the certainty of everything he publishes, so We could confirm almost 100%, that iOS 14 will offer us a new multitasking mode. Geskin says that this video is completely true and that it is not a terminal with iOS 13 and that it is using a jailbreak tweak.

The introduction of this new multitasking could include the possibility of offering the Split View function on the iPhone, although on such a small screen it makes little or no sense, at least in my opinion. What I could include in the iOS version for iPhone, is the possibility of show the content of a video in a floating window that is being played, a function called PiP and that has been available on the iPad for several years.

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