EdFarm and Tim Cook present a course on civil rights

Tim Cook has announced a new initiative involving Apple and the non-profit educational association EdFarm, which will allow students to access the company’s programming course and other civil rights courses through the use of augmented reality.

tim cook edfarm

Visiting the city of Birmingham in Alabama, Tim Cook he announced this important news during an event organized by the EdFarm. Cook told the public about the need for teach civil rights to new generations and the importance of access to programming courses organized by Apple. For both of these courses, students will make use of augmented reality.

It is the history of civil rights, education, this city and its centrality with respect to the American project to form an even more perfect union “Cook said. “In our shared quest to build a new future defined by education, innovation and technology, we must face today’s injustices with the constant commitment to equality that this city has long embodied“.

Part of the EdFarm course on civil rights provides a new project involving augmented reality, taking advantage of Apple’s help and the ARKit platform.

Together with the AR civil rights project, EdFarm will also use the program Everyone Can Code is Everyone Can Create Apple, to teach kids the fundamentals of programming, as well as produce works of art and other projects using Apple tools, through the free digital download of books.


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