Download free apps for a limited time on iPhone and iPad

Free apps on iOS and iPadOS

Flashlight timer, interesting for some situations

We already know that the iPhone incorporates a flashlight natively, but there are some apps that enhance its functionalities. This one in particular allows us keep the flashlight on for a certain time, being able to choose it in minutes and seconds. The interface is very simple and without ads, with amenities such as the ability to reduce the brightness of the screen and adjust the flashlight. One of the most useful situations in which you can serve is if there is a boy or girl at home with the classic fear of darkness, since you can make him sleep with the flashlight on and automatically turn off after a while.

Flashlight timer
Flashlight timer

Moodnotes will help you control your mood

This is probably one of the most outstanding apps of the day, since its functionalities are very interesting. Moodnotes allows make notes about our mood in a really simple way, either by answering various questions and / or own notes. Then you can see the results through graphics, so that we can be aware of our day to day and fight stress or sad situations.

Moodnotes - Daily
Moodnotes - Daily

Pic Lab Split, create your collage with all kinds of filters

As always in these compilation, a photography app sneaks in. In this case it is a simple application with which to make small touches and create collages with several snapshots, getting amazing results. It also has more than 175 filters with which to get a different touch. It is in different languages, among which Spanish is not included, but its interface is most intuitive despite it.

Pic Lab Split Lens
Pic Lab Split Lens

1440 allows better time management

If you want increase your productivity and be more aware of the times, this app will be a great motivation. Its purpose is tremendously simple, since it is made to generate notifications when certain minutes pass. You can configure all the times, making you receive alerts on your device that allow you to be aware of the time of your workday, your study time or while doing sports. Of course, there are those who can feel these notifications as something that presses them negatively, so it is not suitable for everyone.

The Firm will make you a great broker

We finish with this game of arcade style with some graphics retro that will even modify the time and battery icons of your device. You will be in command of a large corporation where you will have to go shopping, rejecting or selling stock exchanges in the most optimal way possible. It requires concentration so as not to mislead and be fired. It is certainly a great game with which to hang out entertaining, also having some very basic controls, just sliding from one side to another.

The Firm
The Firm

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