Curiosities of Steve Jobs, the historic founder of Apple

A life surrounded by myths and legends

It has rained a lot since that April 1, 1976 when Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer with Stephen Woozniak and the less known Ronald Wayne. A long time in which the historic CEO has created and launched some products that changed our lives like the iPod, the iPad or the one, loved and hated by many, iPhone. But at this time Jobs also earned the honor of being an illustrious genius with his particular and difficult character. And they already say that every genius has to have some tare.

Steve Jobs Macintosh

Steve Jobs himself once said in intimate circles that he existed a conspiracy against him, especially after his dismissal from Apple in 1985. We do not know if something really came into existence, but we cannot deny this theory founded by the Californian. The fact is that Jobs, even firmly believing in it, never stopped fighting for leave your name in history.

His strong character gave much to talk

One of the points that has generated more controversy and legends is the strong character that he had and that, according to some words, he really did difficult personal treatment. Some other worker who was close to him has reported the tremendous hardness with which he addressed employees when they made a mistake. Something that contrasts with others that defined that hardness as a form of motivation.

In memory of many remain the questions of Jobs to its employees when they were in an elevator. It was said that everyone chose to use the stairs if they saw that the CEO was going to take the elevator. Normally he asked the employees about what they had done during the day and most of them tituted, something that the Californian did not like. There is even an urban legend in which it is said that he dismissed an employee for not being able to respond, which has never been verified. What has come to comment is that Jobs was aware of this fear on the part of the workers and used to use it to joke and reduce tensions.

Did he have an aquarium with piranhas?

One of the most commented legends that exists is that Steve Jobs had a aquarium with piranhas in his office. Something that, without being really crazy, would be at least curious and particular. After all, he could decorate his own office as he wanted, although what is really striking is the curiosity that revolves around this aquarium and that is related to the first iPod.

The Apple device that revolutionized the music industry was introduced in 2001, but before it was subjected to a long and hard development process. When those responsible for designing the team thought they already had a final prototype, they ventured to show it to Jobs in his office. This one, neither short nor lazy, threw the ipod into the aquarium and made the engineers observe how bubbles were coming out of the device. Steve finished the scene with a “See? That is because there is still space in there. Make it smaller. ”

Steve Jobs iPod presentation

Perhaps anyone else had chosen to mention the problem and send their employees to continue working, but Steve Jobs did not. Within his strange personality he wanted to make employees see in a really visual way as the design of the iPod still allowed improvements. We do not know if there were piranhas really, but the reaction of these to the sinking iPod would have been curious to see.

«At the blacksmith’s house, stick knife»: no technology

Steve was the father of Apple computers, iPhone, iPad … but also He was the father of three girls and a boy, although the paternity of one of them, Lisa, was surrounded by controversy by not wanting to recognize her initially, but that is a separate case. What is striking about what we are going to talk about is that these children could boast in the school of having one of the great geniuses of technology history as a father, but they could not have computer access, or at least not always.

It is paradoxical that one of the great figures who has done so much for the advancement of this sector, cover to their children from using them. Could you invent the iPhone and yet not let your own children use it? The answer is no, and yes. He was not prohibited from using of these teams, but yes limited them the hours of use and seriously warned them of some dangers that the network has and against which Apple can not fight. After all, it was a behavior very similar to what any parent can have with their children when it comes to allowing them to use technological devices.

What does collide is that for a long time, it is said, that at Steve’s house there was only one computer and he was located in his office, preventing this way that his children had access to him. We do not know if that computer was an iMac or a MacBook but we want to think it was from Apple, since we do not believe that Steve lost both sanity and consistency to have a Microsoft system. Although with Jobs you never know.

It should be noted that this anecdote was confirmed not only by sources close to Jobs, but he himself confirmed it in an interview. When asked about whether his children adored the iPad, he replied “they don’t use it.”

Obsession for perfection in your products

In recent times there are those who claim that some Apple product designs would not have been authorized by Steve Jobs. The truth is that we do not know what the current situation of the company and its teams would be, but we understand that a good part of these statements comes precisely from the obsession that the late CEO had because his designs were consistent with minimalism.

It is said that the founder of Apple he was working on the first iPhone for many years until it was officially presented in 2007. Some even talk about 20 years. The wait did not despair Jobs, as long as the canon was fulfilled that the product was perfect and had no flaws in any way. To this he joins that he even wanted the Interface as appropriate, like the icons of the iPhone up to iOS 7 with a scheomorphism design. The latter is a type of design that maintains the same structures as the original component it refers to.

Steve Jobs daughter Lisa

As with the anecdote of the iPod and the aquarium, there are several products that Jobs dismissed for not believing in its design. He constantly struggled to assert his obsession that everything was perfect, bringing occasional headache to Jonny Ive and the rest of the designers.

Shower? No thanks

It is not a novelty to discover at this point that during his adolescence and first part of adulthood Steve Jobs was very much identified with the hippie culture. While this is not linked to lack of hygiene, the truth is that Jobs did not do much to try to remove that stereotype. On his journey through Reed College in Portland I was barefoot everywhere I could. And he even tried to take off his shoes in places where he couldn’t do it. For him it was an unnecessary burden and perhaps he wanted to carry out that old phrase of feeling the world at his feet.

Long before, when he was still a child, Jobs practiced other habits that were not characterized by being hygienic either. The most basic is to shower and it seems that Californian child I didn’t call him that much about getting in the bathtub daily. Although it is not something very strange, because many children flee from this habit, the truth is that it is striking as their adoptive parents recalled on occasion.

Apple honors you whenever you can

His death in 2011 surprised a good part of the planet, but not his Apple companions. The the day before his death the iPhone 4s was presented and for the first time he was not on stage. It was Tim Cook who took command, but not without giving a little nod to his predecessor. In the seats in the front row of the theater where the keynote was held, an empty seat could be seen with the “reserved” sign. Possibly they already knew the state of gravity of Jobs. It has even been said, without ever confirming, that ‘4s’ was the abbreviation for “for Steve”, which means “for Steve” in English.

Steve Jobs tribute Apple iPhone 4s

There are those who affirm that Jobs’ last legacy was the design of Apple Park, the company’s current headquarters in Cupertino. The truth is that there is part of the truth, since he was in charge of supervising the initial plans of this mega building in a circular way. As a tribute to this latest design and all its legacy, Apple called Steve Jobs Theater to the great theater that he has in this place and in which the great keynote of the company are carried out.

In September 2017, the date on which the first event was held in this theater, a video was started with a tribute to Jobs in which his own voice sounded. Later, an excited Tim Cook dedicated some emotional words to his mentor. You could say that the mythical CEO is still present at Apple even though the company’s advances have to go ahead of all nostalgia.

Conclusion: a unique personality

Steve Jobs, genius and figure. You could say he is as loved as he is hated, but never indifferent With his virtues and defects he managed to bring the world some concepts that we now see habitual, but that in his time were little more than ideas of a crazy dreamer. He did not do it alone, it is true, since he knew how to always surround himself with a brilliant team that could be his hands.

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