critics, characters and actors of the Apple TV + series


  • Creators: Kumail Nanjiani, Lee Eisenberg and Emily V. Gordon
  • Executive producers: Kumail Nanjiani, Alan Yang, Lee Eisenberg, Emily V. Gordon, Joshuah Bearman and Joshua Davis.
  • Classification: +12
  • Average duration per episode: 30 minutes.
  • Channels and distribution platforms: Apple TV +

Chapters, characters and actors

Chapter 1: “The Manager”

1x01 Little America

In this first episode we can see an emotional story starring Kabir, a boy who with only 12 years he has to put in charge of a motel after his parents leave for India, your country of origin. There are three actors who play the young man, as it appears at various times in his life throughout the episode. These are Suraj Sharma, Eshan Inamdar and Ishan Gandhi.

Chapter 2: “The Jaguar”

1x02 Little America

The story revolves around the sports career of Marisol, a young woman of South American origin who has emigrated with her family to the United States. They live in undesirable conditions, in a garage, which is not an obstacle for the young woman to triumph playing squash thanks to a series of coincidences that lead him to start in this sport. Jearnest Corchado is the one who plays Marisol, while John Ortiz and Melinna Bobadilla play the squash teacher and Gloria respectively.

Chapter 3: “The Cowboy”

1x03 Little America

This chapter shows us how Iwegbuna, a young student of Nigerian origin, is able to find an interesting connection in his life with Oklahoma and his cowboy culture. The leading character is played by Conphidance, Professor Robbins is played by Tom McCarthy, Chioke is played by Chinaza Uche and Mma Udeh by Ebbe Bassey.

Chapter 4: “Silence”

1x04 Little America

Sylviane is undergoing a spiritual retreat in order to find inner peace, for which she must be 10 days in silence. However, this situation will be very complicated when you begin to realize that you have fallen in love with a meditation partner. She is played by Mélanie Laurent, while Jack is played by Bill Heck and Zachary Quinto gives life to the spiritual leader.

Chapter 5: “The Baker”

1x05 Little America

Beatrice has a very humble origin in Uganda, from which she is sent to the United States so she can go to university. His dream however has more to do with become a pastry teacher, something you will try to achieve and for which you will go through many difficulties. The protagonist is played by Kemiyondo Coutinho, while Innocent Ekakitie and Susan Basemera play Brian and Yuliana respectively.

Chapter 6: «First Prize Winners»

1x06 Little America

Ai is one of the calls mothers courage and it is that she alone has to take care of raising and educating her children. In the episode we see how he does it aboard an Alaska cruise, in which he will also try to find his identity. The protagonist is played by Angela Lin, while X. Lee plays Bo and Madeleine Chang plays Cheng.

Chapter 7: “The Rock”

1x07 Little America

Faraz, an immigrant in the United States, dreams of power build the house of your dreams in that land Together with his family he will try to turn that fact into reality, but he will not have it easy at all. Many obstacles will get in the way of Faraz, although he is sure not to give up so easily. Shaun Toub is the main actor and Shila Vosough Ommi and Justin Ahdoot play Yasmin and Behrad respectively.

Chapter 8: “The Son”

1x08 Little America

Rafiq has two traits that, despite not being detrimentally detrimental attributes, generate more than one problem due to the society he encounters. It is refugee and gay, causes for which he is discriminated continuously. However, it aims to live freely in the United States. It is interpreted by Haaz Sleiman, while Adam Ali plays Zain.

Criticism of «Little America» (Without spoiler)

The series sector and its consumption is changing and a good proof of this is this series, which shows symptoms of it with its short duration of episodes and the way in which they are presented. You could say that each episode of “Little America” ​​is a different series, since they tell completely different stories, although they have a bond that is what makes sense.

The old slogan of the American dream may have a lot of marketing behind, since in the end what each person and family expects when they migrate is to be able to prosper, have a quieter life and adapt to the customs of their new country without giving up their origins. Precisely this is what this series shows us, capable of making us laugh at many moments, but with a deep base that becomes stronger if we consider that it is based on real events.

Indeed, emigrating is not easy, but it is less easy to fit wherever you go. Each episode of “Little America” ​​serves as a small reality pill to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Perhaps the reason that the emotionality is somewhat dwarfed or not just connect with the characters is precisely the short duration of the chapters. You can not say that they do not have time to tell things, and although there are some chapters more expendable than others, the truth is that most of us are left wanting to know more. Perhaps having opted for 10 more minutes per episode, just 10, would have made this change a lot.

The topics discussed, such as feminism or the integration of the LGTB collective have given the occasional headache to the series, censoring some episodes in certain countries. This, beyond being something bad, has to be seen as something good. If someone is offended by the sensitization and normalization of such ordinary matters, it means that they are doing things well.

In any case, we find a series that, if we continue along this path, will not only dazzle users and critics, but it is possible that even the occasional prize will fall.

Second season

It is done confirmed the second season of this series in the absence of knowing how many episodes he will tell, which actors will participate or what stories they will tell us. Nothing is known about the beginning of the recordings, but considering that the premiere of the first season occurred in January 2020, it may not be until early 2021 when we see the premiere of the new ones.

And you, what do you think of “Little America”? You can leave your impressions in the comment box and rate the series in the box below.

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