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Game mechanics

Farm in its purest state

In Stardew Valley you will have the possibility to build a gigantic farm where you grow both the crops you want and raise a wide variety of animals. It has everything good about farming simulation since you will have to take charge of organizing the cultivation spaces by tilling, cleaning and watering them later. You will have at your disposal a large amount of seeds to plant depending on the season in which you are, although when you get the greenhouse you can plant different crops regardless of the season.

Each of the crops that you are going to do will have a growth date and when it is fulfilled you will be able to collect the work that you have done. Once you have it in your possession you can decide whether to store it or sell it to get money in order to make other purchases. But in vegetables and fruits the thing does not stay, since you can always go to the carpenter of Pueblo Pelícano to build a corral or a barn to have pigs, cows, goats, rabbits or chickens. The products you get from these animals may also be processor and sold, although be careful, you should save something for the kitchen.

You can consider the goal of have good taste in your farm and put enough resources in the decoration. You will have many recipes at your disposal so that you can decorate the farm you have inherited to your liking so that it is very beautiful.

But obviously everything you can do on the day It will depend on the amount of energy you have. You have to be very careful with the energy bar that you will always have in view as it will be spent as you perform actions. If it ends up reaching zero you will pass out and lose money and objects for medical expenses. At first, energy is a big problem since it prevents you from spending many hours and forces you to go to sleep soon. But with the progress of the game, this bar will increase.


If the crops are little for you, you will also have the possibility to catch your fishing rod and go to the river, the lake or the sea to enjoy a few hours of fishing. You must keep in mind that sometimes you mustand catch very specific fish that leave at limited hours and in fixed places. This forces us to have to use the Wiki that is created about this game. This does not surprise us since the amount of content that Stardew Valley has is incredible.

Mining and Combat

Stardew valley It is not a simple farm simulator, and hence his true fame, but hides many other mechanics. One of them is exploration and combat. In the town we will find different mines that we will have to explore by lowering levels to collect minerals and geodes. But this you must do very carefully because in these mines you will not be at all alone to be plagued with monsters that you must kill with your sword. With these minerals you can make different crafters or improve your tools so that they are much more efficient (especially the shower).

As we mentioned earlier, in addition to minerals you will also find geodes in your incursions to the mines that you can open in the blacksmith and from these artifacts can leave. These artifacts are collectibles of the game that you must leave leaving in the museum contributing to the town’s collection.

At the end of the day, you will spend many hours to get all the available artifacts, minerals and crops so that addiction is more than assured.


At the beginning of the game we can choose the physical aspect of our character as well as the name and his tastes. Once this process is done we will see a kinematics where we are in a large office very overwhelmed and when we open a letter from our grandfather we learn that in Stardew Valley we will find tranquility in an inherited farm. Here we must go and begin to work our own history.

In order to give continuity to the game there are different challenges in Pelican people, Town where this story takes place. One of these is the Community Center or Civic Center that we will have to fix, if we want, trying to collect resources from the map that can take us a long time. As a reward, different parts of the map will be opened to continue advancing further. When we finish it, we will move forward in history, although as we will explain below we have a great capacity for choice.

But not everything is like that since in the town a magician also resides and there is a quite magical atmosphere in the environment which certainly gives history a great touch. If you want to know much more about the Stardew Valley lore you can always go to the museum and read the books you are rescuing along the way.

Ability to choose

A few days after being on our farm we will be able to help the people with the reconstruction of the civic center or help a large corporation. In the town we find a large commercial area that wants to end the local commerce of the town, the MARKET. We can choose to join this partnership and destroy the civic center, or help our neighbors and end up causing the bankruptcy of this mall. At the end of the whole, and this is something added recently, we will work to open a new cinema.

Graphics and music

If you are looking for a game to relax, this is the most interesting option right now for both your Mac and iPhone or iPad. It has tremendously beautiful graphics and the music is incredibly good. You can spend the dead hours in front of your screen and totally disconnect while you are in the mine or you are cultivating in your field. The only problem will come when you get to the end-game and you need to find an artifact with great haste and do not find it since the real stress will begin there.

The only ‘fault’ we have been able to find Stardew Valley in general is thate the fight is not too good. The enemies have a rather strange hitting field and can end up mosqueing us many times.

Social relationships

The story happens in Pueblo Pelícano and therefore you have the possibility to develop with all the neighbors. Although you can also decide to go autistic and not interact with anyone but lthe truth is that the gaming experience is much more complete if you interact. You will have the possibility of giving gifts to the inhabitants to be able to increase their hearts and social relationships. Depending on the amount of friendship we have with someone there will be exclusive events and also We can also get married and have children.

And speaking of events, in each season the town dresses up and celebrate a specific event such as a large community community or a Halloween event in the fall.

As we said at the beginning, this game We can find it both in Steam and in the App Store. It has a fairly adequate price for all the hours of fun that it will give us and also it is updated every bit with new content.

Stardew valley
Stardew valley

Developer: ConcernedApe

Price: € 13.99

And you, are you going to do with this amazing game? Leave us your opinions in the comment box.

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