Create test to study your exam with Kahoot!

Study your next exam in a fun way

But the old study techniques belong to the past. Right now we haves incredible applications in the App Store that allows us to study in a much more comfortable wayA lot of information. One of these applications in Kahoot! that will allow us to study in a fun way through test that we ourselves can do.

This is a tremendously versatile application since It suits both teachers and students. If you are a teacher you can find a fun way to do different tests to your students on a specific subject, ideal for group sessions of a career or for the review prior to an exam. But in this case we are going to focus specifically on the part of students that gives us ideal tools. Obviously this is an app that we should take advantage of ourselves since we have to find a suitable place in our study routine.

Create your own tests

The real grace of this application is that we can create our own exams. We will have the possibility of Choose the statement as well as the different options available. We can mark one as correct and the rest as incorrect so that when we do the test we know how many failures we have had and can study in this way. Kahoot

This method of study reminds us a lot of what is done when we are going to get the driving license. We repeat hundreds of tests several times so that in the end the force of repeating the answers remain. This can be transferred to those subjects where test type exams are performed, as in many university careers. In these cases we can have in many cases dozens of test questions we can put them in the application to repeat it successively. Obviously it requires us to stop for a while and customize the application to our agenda and needs.

There are some tests that are made by default that can help us or not. We you We recommend you spend a few hours and use this tool for your benefit since it will certainly help you a lot to study and take subjects that have stuck to you.

And you, use this type of applications on a daily basis?

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