Coronavirus stops production of iPhone 12 cameras

Camera module production has been affected

As reported Reuters, LG Innotek has been forced to close one of its factories. This is truly important since this provider provides Apple with the iPhon camera modulese and that is why the production of future devices will surely be delayed.

There are many possibilities that this provider has a direct relationship with the iPhone 12. That is why some delays could occur in September because of the coronavirus something that could end up severely affecting the reputation of the company. We must take into account whatan iPhone is not manufactured one day for other and that is why from months ago the production of the components of this equipment begins. But LG has not been the only one that has been forced to close a factory for detecting a contagion in its workforce. Samsung has also closed several factories in South Korea this weekend.

Tim Cook was quite optimistic a few days ago in an interview regarding the coronavirus. I affirm that China is managing it properly to be able to reduce the number of infected. But everything can change from one day to another and we are seeing it right now as it is spreading to several countries, and although the death rate is low it is still generating quite fear.

Ming-Chi Kuo places his bet

Technological guru Ming-Chi Kuo has also wanted to make his personal prediction. Apparently Apple would not regain normality in regards to production until the second quarter of 2020. In recent reports there have been falls in the shipment of different crucial components for the iPhone and many other devices.

But as we said before, Tim Cook is quite optimistic affirming that its components arrive from many areas of the world. We will have to be very attentive in the coming months to know if everything returns to normal or if on the contrary the situation of panic and closure continues to worsen. At the moment Apple is still betting on opening its stores in most of China, a symptom of confidence and tranquility.

And you, what do you think about the involvement of the coronavirus in iPhone production?

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