Coronavirus sells fewer iPhones in China – iPhone Italy

Several analysts confirm that coronavirus is severely limiting iPhone sales in China, although Apple holds up better than many Android manufacturers.

As reported from Bloomberg, UBS analysts believe that iPhone demand dropped 28% in January compared to the previous month. It is a decline “Much bigger than usual for this time of year“. It is true that in China, as in the rest of the world, January is a traditionally declining month compared to December, but in 2020 the levels have reached figures almost never seen in the past.

The same analysts recall how Apple had managed to boost iPhone sales during the last months of 2019, after a long period of difficulty, but the coronavirus has again slowed this growth. The “positive” news for Apple is that overall shipments of smartphones to China have fallen by 37% year on year, while sales of iPhones have increased by 5%.

The matter is different for iPads, given that the coronavirus itself does would be increasing sales due to the fact that many workers and students are forced to work or study from home.

Apple itself knows that the epidemic in China will have repercussions on this quarter’s financial data, so much so that it has already announced that it expects lower earnings than the first estimates.


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