Coronavirus, possible delays in iPhone supplies even in April

Even the month of April could prove to be a difficult month on the iPhone supply front due to the well-known problems related to the notorious Coronavirus that is scourging China

The Chinese government’s efforts to stem the rampant epidemic have led, as we well know, to a significant reduction in the productivity of the Chinese factories and despite the efforts of the suppliers of Apple it is still not possible to resume productivity at full capacity. According to a new report published today by Nikkei productivity would now orbit between 30% and 50% of the maximum production regime, with a consequent reduction in the number of units placed on the market.

Again according to the report, it is therefore permissible to expect various problems also in April, due to the strong operational shortage both in the purely productive and in the logistics sector. From Monday, part of the employees of the Chinese factories should return to work by virtue of the expiry of the quarantine period imposed by the Chinese government, with the intention of course to recover as far as possible the backlog and thus return to full operation in the shortest possible time thus avoiding companies to review their operational plans for the current year.

In March, Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone SE 2 and to overcome supply problems, the Cupertino-based company would have moved part of its production to Taiwan, although sales estimates have already been revised downwards precisely due to production difficulties. of suppliers. We just have to follow the evolution of the situation to understand when the Coronavirus emergency will finally be under control, allowing production to resume its usual rhythms.



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