Coronavirus, is the smartphone a vehicle of contagion?

Let’s find out if iPhones, like any other smartphone, can be really dangerous in this period of spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

iphone coronavirus

The answer is no. We can rest assured, at least when we use our smartphone or those of a friend or family member. Massimo Andreoni, professor of infectious diseases at the university of Tor Vergata, was clear: disinfecting and cleaning your smartphone is a good practice for eliminating germs, but there are no dangers of virus contagion, since Sars-Cov-2 needs living cells to replicate itself:

The smartphone can be a vehicle for the transmission of resistant germs, different from what is a virus that needs living cells to replicate. I would be careful right now to relate it to the coronavirus problem, but it does make sense in care-related infections instead. Just as doctors are used to disinfecting the stethoscope and pressure equipment, certainly if you are treating patients with multi-resistant germs there are several precautions to be taken such as using gloves, sanitizing hands and not using the phone if they have been sanitized. your hands, so that the device cannot be contaminated.

At this moment not everything can be traced back to the coronavirus, otherwise the smartphone becomes like the door handle, touching it you get infected

In short, no alarmism and no correlation between the use of the smartphone and the risk of contagion. In any case, we recommend that you take a look at our guide on how to best clean your iPhone. Because it never hurts …


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