Coronavirus, is Steve Wozniak the “zero patient” in the US? – iPhone Italia

In a message posted on Twitter, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said it could be him and his wife zero patients coronavirus in the United States.

Steve Wozniak

Wozniak and his wife went to the West Coast Sports Institute in Santa Clara to have a bad woman’s cough checked, which apparently persisted from January 4 immediately after their return from China:

The Apple co-founder therefore makes it known that they could be both zero coronavirus patients in the United States. The message was highly criticized, because it created alarmism throughout the country, given that Wozniak is a well-known and very popular character.

Immediately after, in fact, a first came denial by his wife Janet, who said he had a sinus infection and not the coronavirus.

Wozniak’s message had to be absolutely avoided and many pointed out his double irresponsible behavior: having talked about patient zero even before knowing the doctors’ response and, above all, having waited two months after returning from China before being checked.


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