Coronavirus, Foxconn offers incentives to workers

Foxconn has activated a series of incentives for workers in an attempt to address the labor shortages caused by the coronavirus epidemic in China.


As reported by Digitimes, Foxconn offers free meals, accommodation and shuttle buses in an attempt to encourage employees to return to work in factories where iPhones are assembled. These incentives are also offered to new employees who are interested in working during this period and concern the plants in Shenzhen and Chengzhou, where the iPhones are assembled.

Foxconn’s goal is to reach maximum production capacity as soon as possible, as otherwise there would be significant delays in delivery of components for current and future iPhones.

The source reports that strict controls on travelers and fears of being infected with the coronavirus have discouraged many employees from returning after the Chinese New Year holidays. We will see if the Foxconn incentives will serve to encourage more people to return to the two plants where, at the moment, the production capacity is less than 50%.


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