Coronavirus: Foxconn and plans for expansion outside China

Foxconn wants to expand outside China to limit Coronavirus-related damage and recover production lines for its customers.


The main iPhone maker, Foxconn, claimed to have started a strategy expansion for factories outside China so as to recover the production lost due to the epidemic from Coronavirus and minimize its effects. The factories in Vietnam, India and Mexico will continue to operate at full capacity for the company’s customers.

The Chinese company is, however, also resuming production in China with caution and with due precautions but not without reckoning with the losses expected on turnover.

Several forecasts on the recovery of production lines followed one another on the net Foxconn at the moment, it has not revealed real objectives. It has recently been speculated that the launch of iPhone 12 may delay or take place with limited availability.

The latest information on the Coronavirus COVID-19 speak of more than 75,700 confirmed cases worldwide, with more than 2000 deaths.

We will update you with developments in the technology sector in relation to this epidemic that generates so much fear that it has done also cancel the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona.


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