Coronavirus effect, iPhone 11 unavailable in New York

New York City retailers say iPhone 11 inventory has practically dropped to zero due to the coronavirus that has blocked the supply chain in China.

iphone 11 purple

With the COVID-19 which continues to spread around the world, the critical phase in China seems to have ended so that several Apple suppliers such as Foxconn are expected to resume full operations by the end of March. In recent weeks, however, the Chinese factories were practically stopped and this is causing many problems with the stocks of various Apple devices.

The New York Post lets know that iPhones 11 are practically impossible to find throughout the city, since even the latest shipments did not include any model among the latest smartphones presented by Apple. “We received a new shipment and it didn’t contain any iPhones“, Said a Verizon store employee,”there were only flip phones and Samsung“.

Other authorized dealers have confirmed the news, adding that iPhone 11 stocks have not arrived for two weeks now. However, to date, the various stores have drawn on warehouse stocks, while now there are beginning to be the first serious availability problems .

The effects of this global supply chain shortage will continue to impact iPhone 11 sales for several more weeks, despite Tim Cook being confident of Apple’s ability to overcome these problems.


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