Coronavirus, Apple reopens other stores in China

Apple is slowly reopening its retail stores in China after the forced closure due to the coronavirus epidemic.

apple store china

Since yesterday I am 29 out of 42 Apple Stores opened in China, although a limited hours at least until the first days of March.

Thirteen Apple stores in China remain closed, including Shanghai International Trade, Nanjing Jinmaohui, Suzhou, Hangzhou Vientiane City, West Lake, Xiamen New Life Plaza, Tahoe Plaza. All Apple stores in Tianjin and Chongqing are still closed.

Apple had decided to close all stores and corporate offices in China due to the coronavirus epidemic. With the passing of the days, the company then started to resume various activities and to reopen the first Apple Stores, starting from Beijing and then arriving in other regions of China.

The economic repercussions resulting from the coronavirus could be very heavy for Apple, although several analysts agree that the company will be able to recover in the second half of the year.


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