Coronavirus affects the premiere of content on Apple TV +

Coronavirus is not only affecting the production of Apple’s physical products, but it is also fully affecting one of its emerging online services: Apple TV +. Because of the coronavirus, the SXSW 2020 Film Festival It has been canceled fully affecting all the premieres that were going to take place in this festival.

Coronavirus affects Apple TV +

The middle Variety He has recently informed of this decision that has been taken to prevent COVID-19 from continuing to spread. That is why it is trying to avoid those events that can bring many people together In a specific space. This cancellation also adds to the decision that Google has taken to cancel the I / O and makes us think that WWDC 2020 may be in serious danger.

From Apple they announced at the beginning of the year that at the SXSW 2020 Film Festival they were going to make important premieres of their next contents. Between these The productions ‘Home’, ‘Central Park’ and ‘Beastie Boys Story’ stand out. This is certainly a blow to the company that will not be able to promote its contents on the big screen as they usually do.

We have already commented on other occasions that Apple wants to look somewhat like Netflix so as not to stay on the digital platform. If they want to receive awards in the form of prizes they must make traditional style premieres and that is why they tend to take advantage of this type of festivals to make themselves known. In addition with this movement the directors and producers also manage to rub shoulders with the sector.

What we don’t know for sure is whether this impossibility of premiere at the festival will affect the release date on the Apple TV + digital platform. Normally, when these productions are presented on the big screen Weeks later arrive to all users who pay a monthly subscription. This is why we are not aware of whether it will affect this release date on Apple TV + in any way since Apple has not made it clear. We believe that this will not be the case and that they will think that it will be released to all users without going through the big screen, since they obviously have a commitment to subscribers.

COVID-19 is giving enough headachesto companies of different kinds and we must be very aware of how it is evolving. If it continues to expand without control, there may be many more companies that confirm the cancellation of their events.

And you, what do you think of the affectation of the coronavirus to Apple?

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