Cheap AirPods Pro: possible release date

AirPods Pro ‘Lite’, by the end of the year?

After several years without updates, last year there were up to two AirPods releases. On the one hand we find that in March the second generation ones were put up for sale with hardly any notable developments beyond the new H1 chip and the possibility of buying them with a case that allows wireless charging. Already in October the ‘Pro’ range was announced to go on sale in the first days of November. Now it seems that since Cupertino they have removed the foot of the accelerator and this year they would launch only a new version, or at least that is intuited for now.

AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro Lite could see the light last summer This we think based on a recent Digitimes report in which they claim that the production of these headphones would begin in the second quarter of the year. In case of being true this we could also think of the summer months as the launch date, but they are not usually very given dates to new product launches. Therefore we would be in the months of september or october, coinciding in this way with the annual launch of new iPhone.

What will the AirPods Pro Lite be like?

The reports known to date and the conclusions of different expert analysts at Apple indicate that these new bluetooth headphones would be a reduced version of the AirPods Pro, unspecified to what extent. This concept can be very broad, but if we take into account that these are characterized by noise cancellation, among other things, we could assume that this would also be one of the features of the ‘Lite’ version.

Of course, we could find a somewhat lower noise cancellation to what we know in the current model, not in vain it would be a version with which Apple would also be forced to reduce costs. Maybe this goes through a change of design and the incorporation of this feature to a version more similar to the classic AirPods. While we are used to seeing these functionalities in in-ear headphones, the truth is that they would not be the first earbuds to have this feature.

We must also see if they really end up retaining the name of AirPods Pro Lite or finally decide to call them AirPods ‘dry’. In this way we would be talking about the third generation instead of an alternative, if we have the current “Pro” are a separate range. In any case, we will have to continue waiting for new information, although the year is long in terms of rumors about these headphones.

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