Changing the default apps on iOS would soon be a reality

Apple would open more to third-party applications

Until now Apple insists that we use its native applications for everything. For example, on the iPhone we cannot choose our preferred email manager or we have to ‘eat’ Safari if or if we cannot change the default browser. This criticism would soon be answered by Apple according to a recent report that has been published by Bloomberg.

Right now Apple is in a good mess by monopoly. There are many companies that have turned against the company of the bitten apple saying that They give preference to their native applications. That is why this decision would come at a good time to please third-party developers.

return apps app store

In addition this measure would not be left alone on the iPhone and iPad since it would also expand to other equipment such as the HomePod. So far if we want to get the most out of our smart speaker we must have an Apple Music subscription. If you have Spotify you can use it but the experience is different since it cannot be chosen as a default service.

Apple has been quite clear so far with the developers: Alternatives can be developed but under standards. For example, browsers that are now included in the App Store should all be based on WebKit. But here it is not the thing since if a user prefers to use Chrome or Firefox is preferred way because he does not like Safari, it must be endured since there is no way to change this option.

Although we talk about browsers, this also applies to email managers or streaming music services. It is true that Apple has recently integrated these services with Siri, but we must always say the newsletter of what service we want a song or a podcast to play with. This is not at all comfortable and in the end we end up going through the hoop using the native applications to be more comfortable but obviously do not like that preferences of tastes are not respected.

This Bloomberg report is quite encouraging in this regard, and it is expected that in future versions of the operating system will be allowed to choose default applications different from the native ones. But although many of us may think that in iOS 14 these changes will already be applied, the truth is that in Bloomberg they claim that these changes are still under development and the final decisions have not yet been made.

It’s true that iOS is a very good operating system, but sometimes We miss some features that we have in the competition. This may be one of them and we look forward to Apple finally giving in and granting us this little “wish” that we have many.

And you, do you think Apple would make a good decision if this assumption is met? Leave us your comments in the comment box.

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