Buy USB-C Hub with discount for Mac and iPad Pro

USB-C hub on offer and compatible with Mac and iPad

There are many types of hub in the market, some with more connections and others with less. One of our favorites is that of the Flyland brand, which beyond its connectors offers us a good transfer speed while guaranteeing a long service life of the accessory. All this in a compact design that, without being the smallest, is made to occupy the minimum space and make the most of the space of our worktable.

usb-c hub

In this temporary offer from Amazon we can find it just 38.99 euros. If you have never tried one of these accessories it may seem expensive a priori, but the truth is that looking for a hub of these characteristics with this quality and at a similar price is complicated. It is sold through the manufacturer Flyland, but with the management of Amazon that ensures us a good guarantee of the product, being able to solve any inconvenience that may arise quickly and efficiently.

Now you will think, What can this hub be for? Well, for many things, since will make your team much more versatile being able to use practically any external accessory thanks to the multitude of connectors available. These connectors are: ethernet, HDMI, VGA, USB 2.0 port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, 3.5 mm audio jack, power supply and SD / TF card reader to be able to cover all the needs that may arise in the daily use of your equipment. All this by connecting the hub through the USB-C connector.

This way you can give a new life to your Mac, which come with fewer and fewer ports in their portable versions. But above all it is remarkable if you use a iPad Pro, since since the arrival of iPadOS we can have a better management of external elements thanks to the file app. In this case, the Apple tablet has a single USB-C port, but it will not be a problem because you can take advantage of the hub connections to charge it or listen to music through headphones with 3.5 jack.

Of course, this hub It is also compatible with other equipment that are not from Apple, which is also very interesting if you have an Android device or Windows computer. Even if you do not usually use several connections, you are probably interested in always having a hub at hand in case you need it on a specific occasion. It is probably the best option to fight with this minimalism of connectors that incorporate the most modern electronic devices.

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