Buy iPad Pro 2018 on offer with Amazon discount

If the rumors are right, we are getting closer to seeing a new generation of iPad Pro. These are anticipated with interesting news, but nothing revolutionary. That is why the latest model, launched at the end of 2018, is still a good option. If you are thinking of acquiring a tablet like this and cannot wait for the new one, maybe this offer we have found convinces you.

iPad Pro 2018 with an interesting discount

This latest iPad Pro model launched by Apple was a revolution at the time. It was the apple tablet that changed the most since the original model was launched in 2010. It removed the home button for a front with hardly any frames and also included a series of hardware features that make more powerful than some computers. Above incorporates the latest version of iPadOS which brings versatility never seen before on a tablet.

Apple iPad Pro

In this 11-inch iPad Pro offer we find discounts in all versions. The smallest is from € 65 for the 64 GB version, while for the 1 TB storage we can save € 87. It is available in both silver and space gray, although this may vary depending on the stock. Hence we emphasize that this offer is temporary and it could run out soon if the units run out, so you should hurry if you want to get one. It should be noted that this iPad is brand new and has the 2 years warranty, covered the first one by Apple and the second by Amazon.

This iPad, as we said, is the most advanced of all launched to date. It is possible to add accessories such as the renewed Apple Pencil 2 With which you can not only take notes or perform graphic design tasks, but can be a tremendously useful tool for some applications. There is also the possibility of adding external keyboards, either as a separate accessory or as a case + keyboard.

In internal components it has the A12X Bionic chip that knows how to manage resources in a really optimized way, without having hardly any problems for any type of use. Even for the heaviest jobs like the video, photo or audio editing It gives good results. Along with the features of iPadOS we can have an iPad that is getting closer to a Mac, to the point that many users can do without a computer for all their tasks.

So, if you already had in mind the purchase of this device and want to save money on your purchase, it is possible that this offer is one of the best options you find. Surely you will enjoy it and pay off very soon.

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