Buy cheap surveillance camera and compatible with iPhone

Cheap surveillance camera thanks to this offer from Amazon

We usually think that keeping our home safe is expensive or we need to hire external services such as insurance with alarms and more. This is in a way true, since they are usually the most efficient security methods for homes, but sometimes it is not bad to add some extra on our own. If you also do not have any security service, cameras like this can be extremely useful.

iphone surveillance camera offer

This camera is priced at 22.94 eurosbeing one temporary offer, Therefore, we do not guarantee that this price will be maintained for a long time. Its characteristics are very interesting, since works over WiFi and without being one of the best cameras on the market, the truth is that it gives us a very good image with a 1080 resolution and night vision. It also has a turn of 350 degrees horizontal Y 90 degree vertical, so we won’t have any blind spots left. It also has bidirectional audio. Despite being a security camera is very complete.

Other good aspects of this camera is that it has iPhone compatibility through the manufacturer’s app. From it we can access live recordings or view previously recorded, in addition to being able to make movements with it and establish the most appropriate viewing angle. There are also functions such as audio, which are compatible with speakers Alexa Both the installation of the camera itself and the instructions for use of the app come in a Guide included in the box.

The utility that this camera can give you is very wide, being able to install it anywhere: living room, kitchen, garden, rooms … In addition, it will not only serve to monitor your home against possible thieves, but it can also serve to control your baby if you have to leave him Only for a few moments. The same goes for naughty pets, since you will avoid mischief thanks to having them watched with this camera.

So, if you were thinking of buying a camera with these characteristics or just discovered its usefulness, we recommend you take advantage of this offer because you find a great value for money. We insist on emphasizing the temporality of this offer, being able to be modified by the available stock units.

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