Best password managers for Mac and iPhone

It is true that in the Apple ecosystem we have a native password manager that works quite well. The problem with this is that we cannot export the passwords to another operating system and if we have an Android phone or a Windows PC, we must weigh the absence of these passwords. Therefore it is advisable to have a cross platform password manager to have all the password in different operating systems.


One of the most popular password managers is undoubtedly 1Password. This is a cross platform service that we can Use both on macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows ... As in its own name it indicates, it seeks that the user only remembers a single password that is called master password to access the vault where all our passwords are stored.


Thanks to the extension that includes for different browsers, Including Safari, you will be able to refill the login data simply by including the master password. In addition, to have a completely secure password we can also use the extension to create it and using an algorithm we can have an extensive password with letters, numbers and signs that will be impossible for anyone to remember. In this way we can have a completely secure password for each of the services.

In addition to passwords we can also enter other types of data such as credit card data, personal forms, data from our server … 1Password has a 30-day trial period, and if it convinces you, you can access a monthly subscription of a few euros.


If you are looking for a free alternative, you can download Dashlane even if it is necessary to have the service open on different devices you must opt ​​for a premium version. It is important to note that, of course, it is available for a multitude of different devices and operating systems as well as including extensions for a wide variety of web browsers.

Dashlane screenshot

Dashlane screenshot

As in the previous case, Dashlane stores all passwords in a vault and you simply have to remember the master password to access them. The encryption used in this case is AES-256 So you can be totally calm. He is undoubtedly considered one of the best password managers for our Mac.


LastPass works through an extension in our web browser either Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera … Work in the background storing all the logins that you are doing for the first time and then auto-filling when you return to that website. It also stores our personal data as name or address as well as our credit card data so that the purchasing processes are much easier to carry out.

It has an application for iOS and another for Android that work quite well. The only defect we can find is that the interface is not too attractive Not too clear. He has also suffered from some password leaks years ago, but apparently they have already learned about it.

LastPass has a free version, but if we want to access all its features we must pay 3 dollars a month for the Premium version.

Keeper, an ideal password manager for companies

Keeper although it is intended for small businesses, it can also be quite useful for individuals. This is a fairly secure manager who has passed several security audits and uses a 256-bit AES encryption with PBKDF2-SH2. This guarantees us great peace of mind when storing our passwords since no one will have access to it except ourselves.

It is compatible with different mobile platforms and computers as well as with the main browsers that we can use on a daily basis. It has a Free plan with storage of up to 100MB, and if we exceed this limit we can opt for a premium plan in which we have 30 days of testing if we are private.

And you, what password manager do you use on a day-to-day basis? Tell us in the comment box.

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