Best iPad keyboards, compatible with all models

Best keyboards for iPad

Omoton brings us this spectacular keyboard design + support

best keyboards for iPad

The careful design of this bluetooth keyboard could perfectly incorporate the screenprint “desgined by Apple”, but no. The Omoton brand has been responsible for creating this keyboard which highlights its good ergonomics and Folding stand that allows you to place the iPad. It should be noted that it is compatible with all iPad.

Inateck and the most beautiful Illuminated Keyboard + Case

best keyboards for iPad

The main advantage of acquiring a keyboard like this is that you earn so much in security like in comfort, since it is an excellent keyboard case to protect the iPad and in the process to write. The backlit keyboard with colored lights is exceptionally beautiful when used in low light conditions, but also You can turn off the light. It also has a Egg to place the Apple Pencil. It is compatible with iPad’s 9.7 inches

PEYOU, the most elegant keyboard cases

If the previous case has not convinced you, wait to see these because they are the most elegant we found. It has a magnificent keyboard with a great mechanism that invites writing and a faux leather design for the case that will protect from scratches and some bumps to our iPad. It has a hole for save the apple pencil, so little more can be asked.

The multi-purpose keyboard of JTD

This keyboard stands out for complying with the 3 B rule: good, beautiful and cheap. Its design, as it looks, is simple but elegant. But if there is something that attracts attention, in addition to its ergonomics, it is your ability to be multiplatform being able to use it on both iPad and other computers. It has on its top a base to place the device comfortably. It also has a fair size to be portable and take it anywhere.

Logitech K380, of the best

ipad logitech keyboard

There is no better review of a product than to say that you use it and it is going well for you and the fact is that this keyboard is precisely the one that is being used to write these lines. Its round key design is elegant, while its size is ideal. The key travel it’s very good and its iPad connectivity is fantastic, being instantaneous and without noticing lag at any time. It is probably one of the most prominent on this list. It comes with batteries included and is available in Various colors.

Toogoo and the portability of its folding keyboard

best keyboards for iPad

If you are looking for a comfortable but portable keyboard, this could be one of them. As you can see in the photo, it has a slot in the center that allows fold to keep it with total comfort in any backpack or drawer when not in use. The path of its keys is also perfect for typing fast.

Keyboard + Mouse? Logitech gives it to us

With iPadOS it is already possible to even use a mouse with the iPad, so the combination with a keyboard can be perfect to find a small large computer before us. This pack we found offers us an excellent mechanical keyboard with very good key travel and a ergonomic mouse which, in case of not convincing us for the iPad, can also be used for use on Mac or PC.

Logitech Slim Folio and Slim Combo

best keyboards for iPad

Again we highlight the Logitech accessories since the brand is specialized in iPad, these being the best you can find. Both covers Slim Folio like the Slim Combo They will give a touch of quality to your iPad that other keyboards do not give. Both by design of its case as by its physical keyboard. Although the catalog of keyboards available to the brand is wide, we recommend that you thoroughly browse its catalog.

BONUS: MECO keyboard vacuum cleaner

best keyboards for iPad

Sometimes, however careful we may be, it is almost impossible for us to always have our iPad or computer keyboard clean. And is that the small gaps between the keys are enough for dust and other debris to accumulate. That is why we would like to add this recommendation: a device capable of vacuum all kinds of dirt without damaging the keyboard. You can also use it to clean your desk too.

Have you tried any of these keyboards? What do you think? You can leave all your impressions in the comment box.

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