Battery Cover? EasyAcc discounts the one for iPhone X and XS

Are you looking for a Battery Cover for your iPhone X or iPhone XS? Here EasyAcc is offering its model with wireless charging on Amazon at a discount. Let’s find out the discount code in the article.

battery cover

Do you therefore need more autonomy on your smartphone because you use it intensely or because you are often out and away from a power source? The case in question is comfortable and versatile and is compatible with both iPhone X that with iPhone XS. Clearly integrates a battery inside, in this case from 5000mAh with support for wireless charging or via USB-C cable.

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The Battery Cover charges the iPhone via Qi wireless charging therefore it does not require Lightning connectors, as can be seen in the image below.

battery cover

No component is obstructed by the design of the case as the Lightning connector remains free together with speaker and microphone, so you can easily take advantage of Lightning accessories and headphones on your iPhone.

Usually available at € 28.99, the EasyAcc battery cover is now on sale at € 14.49 with the 5LAYY3OU code to be entered when ordering on Amazon, before completing the checkout.

In short, we could consider it as an alternative to Apple’s Smart Battery Case (sometimes on offer on Amazon) with a much lower price. These are, of course, different types of product with different characteristics but united by the same purpose: to guarantee greater autonomy to the smartphone, always having the additional battery available in the cover and without the need to carry an external power bank.

The offers shown on this page may expire or be subject to change without notice. The real price is the one displayed on Amazon at checkout.


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