avoided the trial for 500 million dollars

Let’s remember what Apple’s Batterygate is

At the end of 2016 Apple released the version iOS 10.1 to all users offering different features that theoretically improved performance. But users realized that something strange was happening on their computers, especially on the iPhone 6 and 6s. They could clearly see how the device drank the battery and even that it was turned off with 30% of the load. After intense research, it was concluded that Apple had activated different performance controls on those computers with degraded batteries.

This obviously did not please users and that is why they took drastic measures such as the demand to Apple and was also fined by different governments. The company was accused of be involved in a case of programmed obsolescence. The problem was that Apple applied these controls without being completely transparent and without giving the user the option to choose which part of their device to enhance: autonomy or performance.

In the end from Apple they had to recognize this error. In future versions of the operating system they gave users information about the state of battery degradation. Also also they enabled an ambitious battery replacement program that were degraded at a very reduced price that did not reach € 30. All these measures tried to do a washing of his image that had been quite affected by this lack of transparency.

Apple wants to bury the Batterygate

This is a case that has already been in the past, but as a result of the lawsuit filed, everything could have come to light again. To avoid this and bury this issue definitively, Apple has wanted to reach an out-of-court settlement. In this agreement, how could it be otherwise, several million dollars had to be invested to satisfy all the plaintiffs.

As you have reported recently MacRumors Apple will end up paying $ 25 to each affected who joined this class action lawsuit. Unfortunately it will not be 25 dollars that we suffer this problem in our old iPhone. But this figure may suffer some variations since the defense fees must also be paid as well as the different expenses that may arise. In total Apple must make a check up to 500 million dollars, although it may be worth it before all the controversy comes out to shine again after being completely buried.

And you, what do you think about this decision that Apple has made?

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