Area companies are working to improve Wi-Fi on board

Several area companies and internet service providers have joined a group that will aim to improve the quality of the on-board Wi-Fi connection.

wifi planes

This new group created a modular system of hardware and software which can be quickly updated when better and faster wireless technologies are released. Thanks to these simpler updates to make, the airlines will be able to ensure a higher quality of Wi-Fi connection on board, since now in most cases everything works in slow and unreliable way on almost all flights.

One of the main problems concerns the difficulty for airlines to update the Wi-Fi equipment provided by internet providers when corrective and improvement updates are available.

Seamless Air Alliance, a group of 29 companies, has developed what is hoped to be a solution to solve these problems. The newly created standard, called Seamless Release 1.0, is a modular system based on open interfaces. The goal is to offer airlines an easy and quick to update system. In addition, this system will also allow you to easily switch from one Internet provider to another if the former does not offer adequate signal quality.

The work will still be long, but within a few months there may already be the first improvements on the quality of the Wi-Fi connection in flight.


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