Application developers need the prior approval of the Chinese government to distribute their apps on the App Store

App Store

Apple has always been characterized by having very strict guidelines that all developers they must continue if they want to offer their applications in the App Store, although sometimes they use tricks to mask their functions and skip them until they are detected. If you are also a developer in China, there is one more filter that developers must overcome.

Developers offering games on the App Store must first obtain the approval of the Chinese government, an approval they obtain in the form of a number, a number to send to Apple so that the Cupertino-based company can verify that it has really passed the controls of the country’s government.

This government regulation, which was approved in 2016, only affects developers who want to offer your applications in mainland China. The person in charge of reviewing the applications that are intended to be available in the App Store is the General Administration of Press and Publications of China, an administration that checks both the level of violence in the application and the vocabulary used.

Despite having 4 years, it has not been until now when the government has begun to force compliance. In the email that Apple has sent to the developer community, you can read:

Chinese law requires that the games obtain an approval number from the General Administration of Chinese Press and Publications. Consequently, please provide us with this number before June 30, 2020 for any paid games or games that offer purchases in the App Store China that you intend to distribute in mainland China.

In the same email, Apple does not report on the possible consequences for developers who do not comply with this new regulation, but most likely Your applications disappear from the App Store China. Once again, Apple is forced to comply with local laws. As the Google Play Store is not available in China, this new law only affects the iOS ecosystem.

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