Apple wants to stop selling App Store Confidential, Apple’s book of secrets

App Store Confidential

We like Apple, but the truth is that the company of the apple, like almost all the others, has chiaroscuro in its trajectory, an obscurantism that keeps the company’s strategies safe … Now since Cupertino want to stop selling the popular App Store Confidential book, the book that tells the darkest secrets of the App Store, or so they say … After the jump we give you more details about this book and the controversy arisen in Cupertino.

The book was published two weeks ago And the truth is that he has achieved success in record time. A book of Tom Sadowski, a former Apple employee who stopped working for the App Store last November. According to Apple, the book is reveal business secrets that can compromise business strategy, plus Tom Sadowski with App Store Confidential would be violating the confidentiality agreement signed with the company, an agreement that is signed in most companies with the aim of safeguarding internal strategies and that can get Tom Sadowski into trouble.

From Cupertino they want the production of this Apple Confidential to stop, that all of them be removed from commercial circulation, and that they destroy all published books. A book that According to several distributors, it only counts the obvious of the operation of the App Store and that doesn’t reveal any company secrets. It is taken or not from the market, it must be said that at the moment it is only available in German and can only be purchased in this country, so it will be necessary to see if the book achieves its objective of expanding through the market. One more controversy of a technology company that does not like to talk badly about it, they all have dark secrets as we tell you and in the end this can stain your image, we will see what happens with all this …

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