Apple sneaks into Japanese series to promote the Mac with a new spot

You already know everything we like to look at how Apple does marketing. A way of selling that has undoubtedly become the cover letter for the Cupertino boys. Now, Cupertino’s boys just sneaked into famous Japanese anime series to promote the Mac. After the jump we show you the new Behind The Mac, the new Apple spot direct from Japan.

As you have seen, the spot basically shows Apple Mac laptops in popular Japanese anime series. Specifically appears in the series Your Name, Weathering With You, Gridman, and The Wonderland among other. In the spot we can see everyday scenes of the movies and series that we have mentioned, it is also funny that in some of the cuts that are in the spot Macs appear with the Apple apple modified in one way or another. A very local spot that has the international character of the anime known worldwide, a common practice of Apple that although they launch local spots taking into account local cultures and events, try to make them taking into account some feature that can be exported.

40 seconds that take advantage of this Japanese anime in a moment of worldwide uncertainty that can help Cupertino’s boys rekindle sales in Japan. Let’s not forget that world news affects companies and precisely this year it is crucial for Japan to host an Olympic Games whose organization is in danger. Good for Apple for originally taking advantage of Japanese anime culture to promote its products.

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