Apple shareholder meeting, between iPadOS and India

Apple he kept today its annual shareholders’ meeting at the Steve Jobs Theater; opportunity for shareholders to listen directly to Apple executives, including Tim Cook.

shareholders' meeting

Apple opened registrations for the event last month and quickly reached maximum conference capacity. He then also provided recommendations and advice related to the problem of the Coronavirus epidemic.

The proposals

Tim Cook opened the Apple shareholder meeting by welcoming investors and board members, such as Al Gore. The shareholders then voted on six proposals one of which focused on Apple’s obligation to report if it was “publicly committed to respecting freedom of expression as a human right“, In particular as regards the company’s relationship with China following the removal, in 2017, of the VPN apps from the store.

Apple had opposed the proposal, stating that it already provides ample information on when it dismantles apps at the request of governments around the world and that it follows the laws of the countries in which it operates. The proposal was therefore rejected, as well as that of linking the remuneration of managers to environmental metrics and that relating to “proxy access”. The other three proposals have instead been approved and concern managers and accounting.

Apple Shareholders’ Meeting: Question and Answer

There was one after the voting part of the proposals set of questions and answers for shareholders. At this stage, Tim Cook touched on topics related to Apple TV + and the one-year free trial that Apple offers to buyers of certain products.


The Apple CEO also addressed the topic coronavirus epidemic, reaffirming that “Apple’s first priority is the health and safety of the employees, partners and communities in which we find ourselves“. From a business perspective, Cook said it is still a “quite dynamic situation” is “a challenge”For Apple.

The environment also characterizes this Apple shareholders’ meeting

Regarding Apple’s environmental efforts, Cook said that Apple’s ultimate goal is “create a product without removing anything from the earth“. Cook explained: “This is one of those things that people say is not possible, but we will find a way to do it.

But Cook didn’t go into detail about any of the Apple’s future plans, but he remained vague: “We are investing in many things, many of which I cannot reveal to you, but they are truly fantastic.

Still, a shareholder wanted to know if Apple would consider holding its annual meeting at a larger venue to allow more investors to participate, but Cook explained that the Steve Jobs Theater is the largest headquarters of Apple and that the event “it would lose part of its peculiarity if it were not here“.

The Pensacola case

Cook was also asked about Apple’s work with Pensacola investigators. The Apple CEO explained that Apple has been extremely cooperative, but that there is no backdoor ready, so it was not possible to do more to help investigators.

iPadOS in the sights of the Apple shareholder meeting

Apple shareholders also asked for information on iPadOS during the meeting and why you seem late compared to the hardware of the current iPad. Craig Federighi, head of Apple software, said: “If you like what you’ve seen us do with iPadOS, stay tuned, we’ll continue to work on it.

Development in India

Last but not least, Cook has confirmed that Apple will open his own online store in India this year, and plans to open physical stores in the country in 2021 as well.


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