Apple sends a gift package to employees held by the Wuhan coronavirus

Wuhan’s coronavirus, currently called COVID-19, has infected more than 80,000 persons in China almost overcoming the barrier of 3000 deaths. The measures taken in the country affected mainly the cities of Wuhan and Wenzhou Province, key nuclei where the outbreak is believed to have originated. Apple had to close its physical stores and these days is sending help gift packages to employees held in quarantined cities by the coronavirus. This package contains hygiene products such as masks, disinfectants or wipes, food products and a iPad

The good attention Apple employees receive for the coronavirus

Dear friends in Hubei and Wenzhou,

We hope that when you read this letter you will be safe and sound. Since the last communication with you, we understand that everyone stays strong in this challenging moment. We understand the difficulties you face and we would like to give you and your families our best support. Hubei and the city of Wuhan were the most affected by the outbreak of coronavirus, which now claimed 2,835 lives in China.

We send you our best wishes, on behalf of the entire Apple team, along with another help package (CareKite) for you and your family. In the kit, you will find comfort items and a ‌iPad‌ that can be used to facilitate children’s online learning or to help them spend time during their extended home stay.

In addition, a series of advisory and consultation services have been prepared especially so that I can help you during this time.

This letter has been received All Apple employees residing in the areas of Wuhan and Wenzhou Province. The package, as we had already announced, contains food products such as coffee, cookies, tea, as well as hygiene products such as a thermometer, masks, disinfectant gel and disinfectant wipes. The truth is that the treatment that Apple employees are receiving by the company is really cozy, as the employees comment on the Chinese social networks.

Currently, although China continues with the alarms set, the stores of the big apple open physically but with reduced hours. However, employees who live in these quarantined regions cannot go to their jobs. In addition, Apple has enabled an advisory and consultation service for all kinds of help they may need from their homes. Finally, data in relation to COVID-19 in the Chinese region is still increasing with almost 80000 infected and 2870 dead, however, the recovered patients are more than 40,000

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