Apple says iPhone sales will suffer from the coronavirus

The coronavirus has taken the lives of almost 2,000 people and the Mobile World Congress 2020, the largest mobile telephony fair held every year in Barcelona and from which this year the main manufacturers such as LG, Ericsson, Sony, Nokia, Vivo … had fallen because of the risk of contagion of This virus

Many are the companies that are seeing as your sales figures are being harmed, not only technological, but of any sector, since many are the Chinese factories that have completely paralyzed their production by the coronavirus, since if there is no production, there are no parts, if there are no parts you cannot assemble devices, cars , computers …

Apple, to be healing in health, has published a update of your financial forecasts for the first quarter of 2020, quarter ending March 31, and where we can see how the Cupertino-based company says it will not meet revenue forecasts due to the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus in China.

In the statement, Apple claims that the pace of work is recovering after the prolongation of the Chimo new year celebration, but they are experiencing a slower resumption than they had anticipated. As a result, they do not plan to meet the expected income forecast.

Most of the manufacturers of iPhone components in China are located outside the province of Hubei, where the outbreak of the epidemic has been located and in recent days have started to resume production, but the lack of components is delaying manufacturing.

The lack of supplies of the necessary components to manufacture the iPhone, along with the lower demand for Apple products in China (The 42 own stores are closed since the beginning of February) are two of the reasons that the company exposes to justify that it will not meet the revenue targets that had been set.

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