Apple reports two other companies in the Corellium case

There are new developments in Apple’s legal battle against Corellium, with two other companies sued by the Cupertino company.


Apple has indeed denounced also there L3Harris Technologies and Santander Bank, guilty of using the Corellium software that allows you to virtualize iOS.

Apple’s initial complaint reads chand Corellium would have copied iOS down to the smallest detail, from the code to the graphical interface, in order to offer customers a virtualization tool for iOS. Corellium is then accused of violating the copyright due to the virtualization of iOS which, basically, is a perfect copy of the original system, thus emulating the experience accessible by Apple hardware and software.

In the past few hours, Apple has also sued L3Harris Technologies and Santander Bank for ask the two companies to deliver all communications with Corellium relating to the use of iOS virtualization software. In fact, Apple wants to understand how these two companies have used iPhone virtualization technology for their purposes, given that these data will help support the thesis that Corellium software is used in violation of the DMCA by creating an exact clone of iOS for jailbreak services and security breach. Apple also targeted Santander Bank after the bank used the software in a trial version. However, at the moment it is not clear why Santander wanted to test Corellium’s software.

The acquisition of this information on known vulnerabilities on the iPhone could not only help Apple in court proceedings, but also a close previously unknown vulnerabilities.

The bank’s chief researcher, Dan Cuthbert, said his company never used Corellium’s final software, adding that Apple made a wrong move and sued them.

Among other things, in other court documents it turns out that Apple attempted to acquire Corellium in 2018 and that the offer was refused. Since then, the two companies have started this long legal battle, with Corellium’s attorneys describing Apple as “a bully“:

Apple’s citations to Santander and Harris appear to have been issued solely to harass Corellium and harm its business dealings. Apple is trying to intimidate a Corellium customer, although Santander has no relationship with Corellium. Apple has sought to harm Corellium’s business and reputation since its failed acquisition of Corellium in 2018 and is now filing lawsuits for our customers. We will move to undo both quotes. “

Apple’s point of view is that Corellium software illegally uses iOS and is therefore trying to prevent it from spreading.


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