Apple recommends some of its employees to work from home

The fear of coronavirus in the United States has begun to be much more worrying than in some European countries. Many are the companies that have canceled all the events they planned to organize or to which they planned to attend. Google has canceled the days for developers that it planned to hold in May and Apple has decided not to go to SXSW that celebrates next week.

In addition, some companies, such as Apple, have begun recommending some of their employees to work remotely from their homes, following the recommendation of the Department of Public Health of Santa Clara, who urges considering this option to Employees who do not depend on physical contact.

This same recommendation notifies companies that they should minimize or cancel large meetings or conferences in person, which Apple already made a few days ago at cancel your attendance at SXSW where he planned to present his next releases on Apple TV +. At this event, Facebook, Intel and Twitter, among others, had also canceled their attendance.

For now, Apple has not commented on its plans for the celebration of the WWDC, World Conference for Developers that Apple holds every year at the beginning of June and where the news of the next versions of iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS are presented They will arrive in September with the next version.

It is likely that before announcing the cancellation of this event, Apple is studying what formula you can use for the more than 5,000 developers who follow these conferences, can know the news that must or can be implemented in their applications for the launch of new versions of Apple operating systems.

The official number of contagions in the United States amounts to 231, while worldwide, that figure has exceeded 100,000.

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