Apple prepares to improve (even more) the security of Safari in September


Many will use in your day to day Safari, Apple’s web browser. A browser that is probably the one that works best on our Apple devices and that has also been improving with each update. Now, without having gone through a Keynote, Apple has just announced that as of September 1 Safari will reject all HTTPS certificates that are more than 13 months old. After the jump we give you all the details of this important security novelty.

And this is an important novelty since it will force all web developers to update their certificates, some will do it but many others will not, and it is precisely because of the latter that They want to make Safari only accept certificates that are at least one year old, others will be rejected being these susceptible of having security holes. HTTPS certificates protect us from someone literally seeing our traffic by getting between our network and our device.

Certificates of up to 825 days are accepted right now, with this change that Cupertino boys want to bring this time is reduced to only 398 days, something that will undoubtedly bring much more security to our devices and especially to our privacy, one of Apple’s biggest concerns. Interesting the announcement they have made from Cupertino, something that indicates that their main objective is still the security of our devices and the protection of our privacy. It will be necessary to see the novelties that the next iOS 14 brings with it, since without a doubt one of its maxims will be the security of the system. From iPhone News we will inform you of any news that is found in the operating systems announced from Cupertino, or not.

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