Apple prepares a restoration tool without a computer

A few hours ago Apple launched the third Beta of iOS 13.4, a new version that includes some important new features hidden in the system such as CarKey, to open your car using your iPhone as a key, and We have just discovered another one that could eliminate once and for all the cables of our lives: OS Recovery.

Those who are Mac users sure know the recovery mode the system has. In case your computer fails, you can boot in that mode (Command + R) that allows you to restore your computer, either by downloading the system from the Internet to leave it as new, or recovering a backup copy that you have stored in Time Machine. Well, Apple seems to be preparing something similar for our iPhone and iPad, as they found in the third Beta of iOS 13.4.

It is a tool that is currently hidden, and that would allow you to restore your device in case of major failure, without having to connect it to a computer. It could be done in two ways, “Over the air”, that is, using the internet, and connecting your iPhone with a cable to another iPhone or iPad. How is it different from the current “Clear settings and content” that we have within the Device Settings? In what would be a special boot mode, a “recovery mode” that we could use even if our iPhone did not respond as it should.

Would an indispensable step for something we have already talked about before: an iPhone without any connector. It would not be the only step that would have to be taken, there would still be other problems to solve for this to be possible, but this is one of the most important and the only reason why some still connect the Lightning cable to their iPhone. Both debate between Lightning and USB-C and perhaps Apple’s plans are others.

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