Apple Pay will arrive very soon in Mexico

Apple Pay

Good news for our brothers on the other side of the pond, apparently the developments in the Wallet application indicate that Apple Pay will have its launch imminently in Mexico. According to some users, they have been able to integrate their Apple Pay cards through the application in a normal way, although apparently it has only been for a short period of time. However, these types of activations are usually the prolegomenon of the official launch. Apple Pay is coming to Mexico imminently so it is a good time to familiarize yourself with the system.

Banregio users have been able to include their cards in Wallet, however, for this they have had to adjust the region of their devices to the United States of America instead of Mexico. Some users have even contacted their bank branches where they have been confirmed that they can use the cards, However, this release is not official and there is still no data referring to it on the website of Apple Pay Mexico or the banks affected by this early adoption of the system. As was already the case with Banco Santander in Spain, Apple may have reached an agreement with Banregio to offer the service exclusively for a while.

This time was extended “too much” in Spain, however today is the most used contactless payment system just behind the physical cards themselves. We find it weird that Apple is taking so long to collaborate with Mexican banks To offer the service in a country where contactless credit cards are fully integrated into society, we imagine that the reasons will have something to do with Apple’s pressures in terms of royalties and the benefits with each transaction. We will be attentive to the official launch.

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