Apple Maps: Look Around in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington

Apple Maps’ new Look Around feature it’s available in three other cities in the United States, including Boston, Philadelphia and the Washington area.

Introduced in iOS 13, Look Around is an interactive way to explore a city with 3D images at street level, similar to what happens with Google Street View. The feature is also available in San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Houston and the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

Look Around

How to activate Look Around?

In an area where Look Around is available, an icon with binoculars will be displayed in the upper right corner of Apple Maps. Touching that icon will open a street level view. Look Around will also appear in the search results if the city is supported. When the Look Around mode is activated, by touching the display we will be able to move around the area, while by touching in a distant point, the latter will quickly enlarge in a much more fluid and engaging way than in Google Street View.

To find our way around easily in Look Around mode, points of interest such as bars, restaurants, parks and the like are identified by floating icons at street level. However, only areas where vehicles can access can be zoomed in, as Look Around data is acquired from cars equipped with 360-degree cameras.


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