Apple Maps integrates public transport indications in Spain

Getting around by public transport can be tremendously responsible for us not to take the car, but it can also be a bit messy. In the big cities where there are dozens of bus and subway lines it’s a little chaos Know where to stop getting off or what line to take, and especially if we are mere tourists. That is why Apple Maps in 2015 integrated navigation through public transport in many large cities except in Spain. But in the end, Apple has launched this integration in the main cities of our country

Getting around by public transport will be easier in Spain thanks to Maps

We had to wait many years for the integration of Apple Maps with public transport in Spain, but in the end it has arrived. Now when we start the Maps application and look for the directions to go to a specific site, we can select the ‘public transport’ tab at the bottom. It will automatically track the most comfortable way to go to that site using both bus, train or subway.

Apple Transit Palma de Mallorca

It is important to note that this functionality It is only available in the main Spanish cities, so it is possible that in some locations in the country it will not work and something else should be expected for its integration. We must say that this news has been a surprise for many people, since Apple has done so silently. From this integration they have benefited so much Spanish, French, German cities and also some US states.

Apple is not the first to do this integration

For us this is a tremendously comfortable function to move around big cities. Especially when we go sightseeing, we may not understand the metro or bus maps, but now with Apple Maps we will have this help. It is true that This is a functionality that we could have in other third-party applications such as Google Maps. It is indisputable that Apple and its navigation application goes a step backwards compared to that of Google, but it is certainly satisfactory to see how the user experience is gradually improving.

In the future we expect many other interesting functions for more fluid navigation such as a roadside warning system to notify us of important events. Too the integration of the DGT database would be very interesting to be informed of the presence of fixed speed cameras, as do other apps like Google again. The next step that is expected a priori is the complete redesign of the cartography that has already begun to be applied in the US and that in the coming years will end up reaching the rest of the countries. We think that Spain is at a high priority level after seeing that they have integrated this public transport function before in other countries, but obviously everything will be waiting.

And you, are you going to use this Maps function on a daily basis to move around the city?

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