Apple Maps already adds support for public transport in European cities

And among these new cities are some from our country such as Barcelona, ​​but there are more. Apple Maps information in public transport is coming in a controlled way to several countries of the European Union and obviously Spain also has its share with the arrival of this information to Barcelona, ​​Bilbao or Valencia, being the following cities to receive this information after Madrid.

Consult the schedules and other data of the subway, bus, commuter trains or tram It is already possible from Maps in the city of Barcelona. To do this we simply have to activate the “Public Transportation” option, they will have detailed information about it, in addition to being able to follow the indications of routes by car or on foot.

With a pace not too fast each and every one of the big cities in Europe are receiving this service offered by Apple Maps and it is really interesting to move freely through these big cities, with an iPhone. We can say that this is a function is veteran in some parts of the world, but in our country it is beginning to be implemented progressively and now the big cities already start to have it available.

The important thing is that now we can schedule a route in public transport easily on Apple Maps, with route times and other information which is great for us when we visit a city for the first time, since transfers and other information necessary to move from one point to another are included. Great Apple!

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