Apple limits travel to Italy and closes a store

The growing coronavirus epidemic that is affecting our country has pushed Apple to limit all the trips of its employees to Italy. Meanwhile, the Apple Store in Oriocenter is also closed on the instructions of the government.

apple oriocenter

Just as has already happened with China, Apple makes it known today will limit the travel of employees and managers to Italy and South Korea precisely because of the coronavirus.

In a note sent to all employees, Apple has announced that it has activated a new set of restrictions for travel to Italy and South Korea. Employees are only allowed to travel to these places “for reasons of economic importance“. All requests must be approved by an Apple VP.

Apple also encourages employees to carry out virtual meetings When possible:

There are many ways to continue managing our meetings and activities through calls and video calls. If you have planned a business trip, we suggest that you collaborate with your managers to consider postponing or canceling it, especially if they were aimed at business meetings that can be managed through virtual meetings.

In addition, Apple adds that right now the top priority is to respect “all cleaning protocols”As regards shops, offices and shuttles for employees. Columns with hand sanitizer have been placed in front of all Apple stores.

Finally, the company says that “any sick employee, or anyone with a fever or severe cough, should take sick leave until they have fully recovered“.

As far as Italy is concerned, Apple lets know to have the Oriocenter store closed in the province of Bergamo due to the wide spread of coronaviruses in the area. At the moment, the closure is scheduled only for 7 and 8 March as indicated by the Italian government.

As required by a decree of the President of the Council of Ministers issued last week, all medium and large stores, as well as shops inside the shopping centers, in the provinces of Bergamo, Lodi, Piacenza and Cremona will close on Saturday and Sunday. to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Similar measures have been established for other provinces and territories.

However, it appears that this decision was made to comply with government guidelines and not on Apple’s specific wishes.


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